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How to make Swallow Paper Airplane and other paper airplanes - Alex's Paper Airplane

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Swallow Paper Airplane

Swallow Paper Airplane main image

This is a paper airplane my father was making when he was a small boy and the design has stood the test of time it works very well.

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Swallow Paper Airplane Folding Instructions

  • DIG. 1 diagram

    Cut the tail out (see label on DIG. 1) and fold along the diagonal line creasing well.

  • DIG. 2 diagram

    Now fold along the diagonal line on DIG. 2 creasing well.

  • DIG. 3 diagram

    Now it should look like DIG. 3

  • DIG. 4 diagram

    Now fold along the center line labled "fold here" in DIG. 4 and unfold.

  • DIG. 5 diagram

    Then push in from the sides of the line folded in the above step. This will make the shape in DIG. 5 and is at 2:14 in the video

  • DIG. 6 diagram

    Fold the flaps over to form DIG. 6

  • DIG. 7 diagram

    Now fold along the dark grey lines in DIG. 7. See 2:47 in the video.

  • DIG. 8 diagram

    Now fold it together as in DIG. 8. This is complicated, the video at 3:45 helps a lot. Place the tail so that the angle at the end is pressed right up into the nose.

  • DIG. 9 diagram

    Now fold where the dotted line is in DIG. 9 under the wing trapping the tail in place.

Swallow Paper Airplane Flying

The swallow paper airplane is one of my favorites to fly since even the first time you make it you will get it to do some kind of stunt without intending to.

Throw the swallow holding it at the nose on the side where the tail tucks into the wings. Then throw the swallow paper airplane vertically upward as hard as you can. You will find that it will circle downwards.

If you have a large area and a windy day you will find that it can go a very very long way and can soar and dive like a real swallow. This is a really fun paper airplane. You could have competitions with your friends to see who can keep their paper airplane up longest.