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How to make Cobra Paper Airplane and other paper airplanes - Alex's Paper Airplane

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Cobra Paper Airplane

This is a paper airplane I designed which flies straight and true and is a fairly easy plane to make !

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Cobra Paper Airplane Folding Instructions

  • DIG. 1 diagram

    Hold a sheet of paper in portrait orientation and fold in half (lengthways) along the line shown in DIG. 1 then open out again.

  • DIG. 2 diagram

    Now fold in the top left and top right corners of the paper to the centre line as shown in DIG. 2.

  • DIG. 3 diagram

    Fold down the tip of the plane to the centre of the bottom of the top triangle. This fold is shown by an arrow in DIG. 3.

  • DIG. 4 diagram

    Now comes the first tricky bit. Open up the paper to it's original form so that the dotted lines shown in DIG. 4 mark out the creased lines on the paper.

  • DIG. 5 diagram

    Now pull in the corners and top centre of the paper along the arrows shown in DIG. 4 so that the plane passes through the step shown in DIG. 5.


    The plane should fall relatively comfortably into the form shown in DIG. 5 due to the existing creases.

  • DIG. 6 diagram

    Fold down the trapezium shape at the top of DIG. 6 along the bottom edge of the folded down paper. There are little dotted indicators at each end of the line in DIG. 6 to indicate which line to fold along.

  • DIG. 7 diagram

    Now fold and unfold as indicated by the arrows on DIG. 7. This involves folding the top left and right corners into the centre line of the plane at the bottom of the flap folded down in the previous step.

  • DIG. 8 diagram

    Flip over the plane and fold in the opposite direction along the creases created in the previous step then unfold as indicated by the arrows in DIG. 8.

  • DIG. 9 diagram DIG. 10 diagram


    The top left and right corners (labelled A and B) must now be tucked under the flap formed in step 7 (coloured in red) so that they meet at the centre line of the plane at the bottom edge of that flap. The labels are shown in DIG. 9 and the folding should pass through the form shown in DIG. 10 where the red arrows indicate pressure being applied. The positions the arrows are applying pressure to are the corners labelled A and B.

  • DIG. 11 diagram

    Fold the plane in half along the centre line in DIG. 11 keeping all the folded sections on the outside when folding.

  • DIG. 12 diagram DIG. 13 diagram DIG. 14 diagram


    Fold down the wings along the dotted lines indicated in DIG. 12 and DIG. 13 to give the form shown in DIG. 14 then open up to give the plane as shown at the top of the page.

Cobra Paper Airplane Flying

I am really proud of this plane. I created it during a lecture on Particle Physics (yawn) and it flies really well. This plane should be thrown hard and flat, very simple, very fast.