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How to make Nose Heavy Paper Airplane and other paper airplanes - Alex's Paper Airplane

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Nose Heavy Paper Airplane

Nose Heavy Paper Airplane main image

I think this plane is great and it flies equally as well as the floating paper airplane. I think this is a great plane!

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Nose Heavy Paper Airplane Folding Instructions

  • DIG. 1 diagram

    Fold your sheet of A4 paper on diagonal lines as shown on DIG. 1 creasing well.

  • DIG. 2 diagram

    You should get a shape as in DIG. 2

  • DIG. 3 diagram

    Open it out to give DIG. 3and then fold along the dotted line shown.

  • DIG. 4 diagram

    Push in from the two points labelled A on DIG. 3 to give the shape in DIG. 4. This is a challenging step so look at 2:50 in the video.

  • DIG. 5 diagram

    Now flatten out this form and fold along the dotted lines in DIG. 5

  • DIG. 6 diagram

    You should now have the form in DIG. 6. Fold along the dotted line on this.

  • DIG. 7 diagram

    Now you should have the form in DIG. 7.

  • DIG. 8 diagram

    Fold along the dotted lines in DIG. 8. If you want cut in some flaps as shown since this plane often requires them. Now you should have the diagram at the top of the page.

Nose Heavy Paper Airplane Flying

This plane is great indoors and out throw it overarm both inside and outside quite hard or quite gently. You can do very little wrong in flying this plane.

Like many of my planes if you throw it hard straight up in the air it will fly a very long distance if there is a touch of wind. If the weather is totally still the plane will probably come straight back down.