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all the best paper airplanes links.

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We would be very grateful if you would and I am sure your visitors would too. You can add a link in either of the two ways below and please tell me when you do, I may be able to link back to you.

  • Vinny Lingham - I used to work with Vinny and he has an awesome take on the affiliate and search world in this blog.
  • The draken - A cool paper airplane and some fun ideas about jet power.
  • funpaperairplanes.com - Fun paper airplanes from Kevin Bailey.
  • paperfolding.com - Origami instructions, for some really cool origami designs, I particularly like the frog on a lily pad design.
  • Sabertooth plane Chou Hung claims to have rediscovered the sabertooth plane back in 1984. Please visit this site to see an alternative set of instructions for this classic design.
  • Paper Aircraft Association The site of Andy Chipling who is involved in setting the world record guidelines for paper airplanes. Contains all the guidelines for world record flights.
  • Paperang This is a world beating paper airplane and the site contains information on the stages in designing and manufacturing your own paper airplanes.
  • Peter Kunzmann Excellent new site with great original designs and ideas for what to do with them.
  • Butterfly Tattoos - Get inspiration for your next tattoo, make it a butterfly.
  • Glue-it.com This site is full of great ideas and lots of fun. Why not visit it!
  • Hanks World Paper Models This is a quality site with more than just paper airplanes. Give hank a look.
  • Flying-Pig.co.uk I love this site just for its name but it does provide a good service too so have a look.
  • My World: Paper Airplanes This was the first site I ever designed and wrote and it contains all my original diagrams and planes. Why not take a look.
  • mcshane's planes This site is very good indeed and I have made and flown all the planes on it. I am really impressed by this guy and I am inspired to go on and make some paper plane designs totally of my own from scratch too.
  • Ken Blackburn's Home Page This page shows various aviation bits and pieces and is one of the best on the web. Ken is a world record holder for plane flight duration. Way to go Ken!
  • Paper paradise This page is fantastic and one of the most popular on the web. Thousands of visitors probably aren't wrong so have a look!
  • myweb3000 This site is reasonably good on a range of different things. The planes are quite good since you just print them off and then fly them.
  • best paper airplane One paper airplane here but it is quality and well diagrammed. The webmaster taught me how to make the excellent "paper blimp".
  • Ace's Bridge Clubs - This is a a bridge (the card game) club based in Kent in the UK at which I play from time to time and for which I designed the website.
  • Open Directory - Paper Airplanes The open directory is a great project and this page is an excellent jumping off point for paper plane pages across the web. I was an editor for this category and others ending some time in the mid 2000s. I still love the concept of DMOZ but I think wikipedia took it to an even better place.