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How to make Paper Helicopter and other paper airplanes - Alex's Paper Airplane

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Paper Helicopter

Paper Helicopter main image

OK! So it isn't a plane but it is a good model and when simply dropped it will stay aloft for ages and spiral down excellently.

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Paper Helicopter Folding Instructions

  • DIG. 1 diagram

    Cut along all the solid lines on the diagram to the left.


    Fold flap A forward and flap B to the back.


    Fold flaps C and D both forward along the dotted lines.


    Fold along the line E upward to give a weight at the bottom.


    Now this should look like the diagram at the top.


    You can scale up this model as much as you want. You just drop the model with the blades facing upwards and the weight at the bottom facing downwards for the best results.

Paper Helicopter Flying

Hold by the rectangle of paper beneath the blades and then let go pulling your hand out of the way very quickly. Everything about this helicopter is simple: making it and flying it. This is why it is my favorite paper aircraft.