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How to make Improved Paper Airplane and other paper airplanes - Alex's Paper Airplane

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Improved Paper Airplane

Improved Paper Airplane main image

No video on this yet - OK ! I was a little harsh on the worst paper airplane it is reasonable but I altered the design myself to create this plane, it looks the same but it flies so much better.

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Improved Paper Airplane Folding Instructions

  • DIG. 1 diagram

    Firstly fold the sheet in half along the line shown in DIG. 1 and then open it out again.

  • DIG. 2 diagram

    Fold the two top corners in to the center line to give the form in DIG. 2.

  • DIG. 3 diagram

    Just fold tip triangle down vertically to give DIG. 3

  • DIG. 4 diagram

    Fold along the dotted lines in DIG. 3 (as you look at diagram bringing the flaps forward then folding them down) to give DIG. 4

  • DIG. 5 diagram

    Fold along the dotted lines in DIG. 5

  • DIG. 6 diagram

    Now staple as shown in DIG. 6 to give you the diagram at the top of the page. This plane actually flies quite well if you throw it with a lot of power.

Improved Paper Airplane Flying

This plane needs to be thrown overarm, almost level with the ground very gently. You could also try throwing it as hard as you can up in the air. It will flutter and fall quite a way but then it will fly very quickly in a wide arc quite unexpectedly.