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How to make Worst Paper Airplane and other paper airplanes - Alex's Paper Airplane

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Worst Paper Airplane

Worst Paper Airplane main image

Sorry still no video here - This plane is truly terrible. Nothing can be done to overcome the fact that is about as adept at flying as the Titanic if a little more attractively plane shaped. I do not like this plane but you might want to try it out for yourself once I have shown you how to make it.

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Worst Paper Airplane Folding Instructions

  • DIG. 1 diagram

    Firstly fold the sheet in half along the line shown in DIG. 1 and then open it out again.

  • DIG. 2 diagram

    Fold the two top corners in to the centre line to give the form in DIG. 2

  • DIG. 3 diagram

    Fold sheet in half vertically making the tip meet the base at the centre with the resulting form shown in DIG. 3

  • DIG. 4 diagram

    Fold flap A up and to the right and flap B up and to the left to give you DIG. 4

  • DIG. 5 diagram

    Fold along the dotted lines in DIG. 4 to give you DIG. 5. Now staple as shown in DIG. 5.

Worst Paper Airplane Flying

I have tried lots and lots of ways of flying this paper airplane to get it to fly well. All I can say is I give up. It flies quite well if dropped nose first from a high balcony because it rights itself and decides how it wants to fly. I also find throwing it overarm works quite well.